1. Are Darrell Lea chocolate products made with sustainably sourced cocoa ?

Yes, Darrell Lea uses 100% sustainably sourced cocoa in all of our chocolate products

2. Is palm oil used in the production of Darrell Lea products ?

No, all Darrell Lea products are 100% palm oil free.

3. Are the products in the gift hampers nut allergy safe ?

The product hampers contain an assortment of products across the Darrell Lea & Life Savers brands that are manufactured in factories that use peanuts & tree nuts. As such, there is a risk of cross contact. We advise that you read the ingredient list on the back of each pack, including the “contains” & “may contains” statements for allergen details. 

4. Are these products in the gift hampers suitable for vegetarians ?

Darrell Lea products are suitable for vegetarians, excluding Darrell Lea Rocklea Road and Rocklea Road Blocks.

5. What is the source of gelatin in Darrell Lea Rocklea Road ?

The marshmallows in Darrell Lea Rocklea Road contain gelatin.

6. Are Darrell Lea products manufactured in Australia ?

All Darrell Lea products are manufactured in Australia.

7. Can I change the products inside the gift hamper ?

The products inside Darrell Lea gift hampers cannot be changed or substituted for other Darrell Lea products.

8. Is there a contact at Darrell Lea to discuss corporate gifting ?

Yes, please call 02 9933 3317 & a customer service representative will be able to discuss Darrell Lea corporate gifting options with you.